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Central Oregon Sporting Clays CO is the home to the premier, public "Twisted Tree” Sporting Clays course. This southern circular course, appropriately name for the "twisted" tree located on the 6th station, offers a great simulated high desert hunting experience of rabbits, waterfowl and upland birds that provides novice shooters success and veteran competitors a shotgun challenge.


The Twisted Tree course offers an incredible sporting clays experience with 16 stations and nearly 50 clay target presentations including standard, midi, rabbit, battue, chondel and teal, all placed within sage brush, juniper trees and mossy lava rock. Most of the 16 - 12' stations are covered and four of them offer elevated platform shooting with gun racks and benches. Each station is large enough for a shooting squad to use the Long Range electronics and most provide mountain views of the Cascade Mountain Range from Mt. Hood to Mt. Bachelor. 


Our Sporting Clays shooting range is located in the high desert terrain of Central Oregon at the Redmond Rod & Gun Club (RRandGC) in Redmond, Oregon. The Twisted Tree course is definitely a “bucket list” course for anyone interested in the game of Sporting Clays. Come visit us and enjoy safe target shooting at this club established in 1945.

"I don't know what others say about this club - but we are hooked." - Lanny Skovborg, shooter 


"You guys do a great job of setting the course and the targets are very fair." - Carl “Skip” Zapffe, 2021 NSCA Hall of Fame Inductee


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Central Oregon Sporting Clays CO also offers 5-Stand, a shotgun sport similar to sporting clays, skeet and trap using clay targets at 5 different stations. Each station has a dedicated sequence of targets that will be thrown for the shooter to shoot at. Once the shooter has completed the 5 targets at one station, they move to the next station until they have completed all "5-stands."

5-Stand shares a space with the Sporting Clays shooting range and the stations offer multiple machines to provide a fun, high desert shooting experience where you can observe multiple targets from one location and shoot various combinations of clay birds including standard, midi, rabbit, battue, chondel and teal.


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Take aim at any of our 11 stations

Archery offers over 20 static targets and numerous 3D targets at the all new Broken Arrow Course.



Sporting Clays CO welcomes Archers to Central Oregon's Rimrock Archery range at Redmond Rod & Gun Club (RRandGC)!

The Rimrock Archery range is located 60 yards east of the Sporting Clays parking lot. All check-ins and fees will be taken care of at the Sporting Clays office.  

In 2020, we designed and constructed a new course 3/8's of a mile long. There are 5 main target locations, keeping 60 yards between them and angling targets progressively clockwise to ensure safe arrow recovery. We have 11 shooting stands with 22 bag targets ranging from 10 to 100 yards.  The course is leveled with a gravel pathway through a variety of landscape including juniper, sage and outcropping.  Range is accessible to all. 


This year we received an ODFW grant and have added several 3D targets, new gravel, a storage connex and improvements around the course.

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  • Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 2:00 pm

  • 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 10:00 - 2:00 pm


Non-Member adult daily fee is $6.00 for each discipline.


  • Adult 25 targets:  $7.00

  • Youth (17 and under) 25 targets: $5.00


  • $36.00/100 targets, bulk purchasing available

  • Personal shoot card required: $5.00



  • Adult target fees: $5.00/day

  • Youth (17 and under) target fees: $3.00/day

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Central Oregon Sporting Clays, 5-Stand and the Archery range at the Redmond Rod & Gun Club (RRandGC) are completely operated by our much appreciated volunteers.  At our shooting range, a person can lend a hand to serve our customers in the office areas, help maintain the Twisted Tree Sporting Clays course, be a team member for much needed work parties or just meet new people. 

Details: The Sporting Clays Director will provide you with easy to follow instructions, give training, work a shift or two with you so you are comfortable and be accessible for help if needed.  One person (or you and a friend, taking turns shooting) will open the course and work at the office on Saturday or Sunday. There will be a total of 100 sporting clays targets provided for the shift. You do not have to be a shooter to help and can share your targets with a partner or volunteer.

We welcome your suggestions for areas that you could help. Perhaps your business or company could be involved in the volunteer program, too! 

For more information on becoming a Sporting Clays volunteer, please contact: David Gilbertson at sportingclaysco@gmail.com. Or, sign-up today using the link below.

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Central Oregon Rimrock Archery 3D Target Event.jpg
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Range News

September 2021 Newsletter 

2nd Annual John Melville Youth Shoot Coming Up September 12

This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever, with more activities and opportunities for youth shooters and families. All of Redmond Rod and Gun Club’s shooting disciplines (Archery, Cowboy Action, Rifle and Pistol, Sporting Clays and 5-Stand, and Trap) will be up and running....

50+ Archery Enthusiasts Enjoyed the Dusty Trail Archery Shoot Last Month

" I was very happy to see a mix of new and return customer faces. Members from Sporting Clays, Trap and Rifle/Pistol, neighbors and friends of club members who are not archers spread the word along with members from Three Rivers Archers, Bend Bowman and High Desert Archers...." - Denny Morris

The Club Loves Volunteers!

Central Oregon Sporting Clays, 5-Stand and the Archery range are completely operated by our much appreciated volunteers.  At our shooting range, a person can lend a hand to serve our customers in the office areas, help maintain the courses, be a team member for work parties or just meet new people. Visit our Volunteering page and sign up today!


Remember, there's still a lot going on in the upcoming months. Check out our Calendar.


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